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Always by your side

Travel-Assistant's MISSION is to accompany travellers in need of personal assistance and support for well-being, comfort and safety, in addition to managing logistics, travel and activities before, during and after short or long-term stays in the region and abroad.

When is it better to be accompanied?

  • You are a disabled person or you live with physical limitations.
  • You are not comfortable travelling alone and your family and friends do not always have time to accompany you.
  • You have travelled all your life and you want to continue to do so safely.
  • You dream of travelling, but you lack experience or confidence.
  • You want to enjoy your trip without any worries or logistics to manage.
Choose to be accompanied and live the experience to the full

An assistance adapted to your needs

Personalized support

Personalized and attentive assistance before, during and after the stay, with a 24-hour presence while travelling.

Personal assistance

Travel support tailored to your needs and dedicated to your well-being is comforting and easier.


A logistics management service to fully enjoy your trip in your area or anywhere in the world.

Live in the moment

Being accompanied on a trip allows you to be free to live each moment to the fullest without having to think about tomorrow.


For information or reservation: (514) 206-8670

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